With a robust toolkit of 54 separate workshop offerings, Process VP can select the right set of tools to achieve your objective in the most effective way possible.

With options ranging from 2-3 hours up to a full day with each designed to accommodate participants from senior leadership, managers, front-line employees, or a combination, you can feel confident that the work is being done at the appropriate level for the task at hand. Most importantly, workshops can be incorporated into a more holistic engagement or used as discrete events.


strategy development & agreement

Analyze the current landscape, identify risks/challenges, and prioritize your resulting actions whether your goal is consensus or a set of options to be presented for review.


solve problems

Define scope, understand current state, and identify root cause issues before determining the future state and assigning the appropriate actions required to get there.


improve team results

Determine what is working well and what areas of improvement exist in your team dynamic and operation to create a plan to help you achieve shared goals and metrics.


generate creative ideas

Brainstorm a large volume of innovative ideas, identify the best options, and determine the subsequent plan of action derived from the results of your focused creativity before leaving the room.


achieve consensus

Identify important issues and come to shared solutions with the added benefit of strengthening relationships, building shared accountability and commitment, and increasing motivation.


influence stakeholders

Analyze and evaluate the stakeholder landscape so the team can more effectively influence them and ensure they are positioned to provide support when needed.


improve collaboration

Customer-focused simulations and activities that build trust, cohesion, and a shared understanding of the tangible benefits of cross-departmental collaboration.

increase motivation

Kick off and ramp up participation or do a team reboot for an existing team to increase energy and motivation with a focus on customer-centricity and collaboration.


resolve conflict

Understand the sources of conflict within the team, whether they are a result of poorly understood roles, mismatched expectations, or cultural misunderstandings and address them directly so the team can move forward productively.