We want to see more companies in the world with great leadership, happy customers, and fulfilled employees be wildly successful. Whether you are scaling up, buckling down, or going through a major company transition, the key to that success is solid processes and systems.

About Process VP


Process VP was started to fill the gap that often exists between top-level strategy and process-level execution. You know where you want to go, but aren’t sure how to get there. Our goal is to empower your existing team to accomplish your goals by ensuring they have the processes and tools to get there, along with a methodology for maintaining results.

We believe strongly that you create strong financial results and exceptional customer experience by engaging and empowering employees at all levels. We are very passionate about the idea that a strong strategic vision coupled with providing the right processes and tools people need to achieve it makes you unstoppable. It doesn’t matter how brilliant a solution is - if your team wasn’t actively involved in the development and implementation of that plan, it will never achieve what it is designed to. That is where we shine - using our leadership and facilitation skills to combine our extensive process experience with the deep industry and company knowledge you and your employees bring to the table.


About Misty

Misty Russell, Owner & Primary Consultant

Misty Russell, Owner & Primary Consultant

Misty has a passion for great leadership, smart processes and products, and workplaces that care about both their customers and employees. Her goal is to enable the success of those companies through intelligent process design, improvement, and automation. With 20+ years of experience in business transformation, she began consulting to help companies increase revenues, reduce costs, retain customers, and scale for growth by improving customer-facing and business processes. 

Misty started her career in automotive electronics learning Lean Manufacturing from pioneers in the field. She led significant improvement initiatives in a union environment before taking a role designing multi-million dollar lean manufacturing systems for new product launches. She went on to a Global Lean Leader role in consumer electronics and then joined the leadership team as the Lean and Production Manager for a new consumer goods pilot plant startup built on the concept of self-directed work teams. Building the operation from the ground up fueled her passion for workplaces that respect and engage all employees. 

She eventually transitioned out of manufacturing and focused on business process transformation first as a Director of Process Excellence within Office Depot and then at a late stage edtech startup that was a global leader in online English learning. Ultimately, her passion for the customer and ability to bridge the gap between business and development teams led to a role as VP of Product, responsible for Customer Experience, Process Excellence, Product Management, and Project Management. That role validated her belief that aligning the focus of all these functions is incredibly powerful in terms of customer retention and organizational effectiveness.  After a stint as the Chief of Staff to the CEO of a major global corporation assisting in the prioritization of enterprise-wide transformation initiatives, she decided to start Process VP and is passionate about helping companies achieve lasting results. Also, if it’s not obvious, she laughs a lot.