Whether your goal is to completely transform your business or get extra capacity leading a specific project, we can work with you to meet those objectives in a way that simultaneously builds capability into your organization and leaves you with a plan for ongoing improvement.

types of projects we love

  • Design or Improvement of Operational Processes

  • Strategic Plans and Execution

  • Documentation of Operational Processes to prepare for Acquisition, Franchising, etc.

  • Process/System Integration Design during Mergers or New Acquisitions

  • Requirements Gathering/Vendor Selection/Implementation for New/Improved Operational Systems

  • Customer Journey Mapping and Utilizing Customer Feedback

  • Solving Complex, Stubborn Operational Problems

  • Growing High Performing Teams

Any Combination of These Things that Contributes to Operational Excellence (Yes, We Know How Nerdy That Sounds)

Unplanned process improvement is wishful thinking.
— Watts Humphrey


How Can We Work Together?

We can be brought in as a part-time member of your leadership team to focus on company-wide initiatives, a targeted project-specific engagement, a single workshop or set of workshops, or even just to coach through some tricky issues. Every partnership is designed to provide you with exactly what you need when you need it. How do we do that? By taking you through our unique Roadmapping process that ensures we are 100% aligned on scope and the best way to get you where you want to be. The best part is it allows us to create a plan of action together - all without a significant commitment on your part before knowing we’re the right fit for each other.